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Collectible h.Naoto Hello Kitty plushies and manga for sale

Clearing out more of my older manga as well as some collectible Hello Kitty plushies including:

- h.Naoto gothic hello kitty phone charm
- h. Naoto gothic hello kitty plushie
- punk hello kitty plushie
- h. Naoto gothic hello kitty purse
- miscellaneous yaoi
- manga including Aria, Kashimashi, Wet Moon, Cynicle Orange, Free Collars Kingdom

Check out my ebay auction - seller l-bstuff
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Manga sale on ebay - finishing today and tomorrow

Here are the last of my manga collection that I am selling on ebay.

Some titles include:
NGE Campus Apocalypse 1-2
NGE Shinji Ikari Raising 1-8
Ai Ore Aoshi 1-11 complete
Prince of Tennis 1-17
Somedays Dreamers Spellbound 1-5 complete
DearS 1-8 complete
I Hate You More Than Anyone 1-9 complete
Blood Alone 1-6 complete
Ghost talker' Daydream 1-6 Complete
The Last Uniform 1-2 - rare!
Moon Boy 1-4
A Devil and her Love Song 1-8

And any more!!

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Selling off Rare Manga lots, 50 sets in total, Rare Yaoi and Manga

NOW: NOVEMBER 16-20th, 2011: I am selling off my personal rare manga sets (very good to new condition), yaoi sets, complete sets from Viz, Tokyopop, CMX and more, click here

Manga can be bought HERE are from a smoke free home, and rare and brand new titles and include sets like:

Gantz 1-9
Little Queen 1-7 (complete)
Ghost Talker’s Daydream 1-6 (complete)
Moon Phase 1-12 (complete)
Enchanter 1-10 (complete)
Ugly Yet Beautiful World 1-3 (in wraps, complete)
Vampire Game 1-15 (complete)
Zombie Loan 1-6
High School of the Dead 1-3
Two Flowers for the Dragon 1-3
Eden 1-13 (OOP)
Snow Drop 1-12 (complete)
Boogiepop (2 manga set, 3 novels)
Sasameke 1-2 (complete)
Prince of Tennis 1-17
One Fine Day 1-3
Path of the Assassin 1-15 (complete)
Karakuri Oddette 1-6 (complete)
Cage of Eden 1-2 (complete)
Under the Grand Hotel 1-2 (in wraps)
Yellow 1-4 (complete)
Fake 1-7 (complete)
Utena 1-5 complete
Burst Angel 1-3 (complete)

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Mostly sale site, but my blog is Screw Bronze

Blog on LGBTQI, Disability and academic interests, as well as death and dying (and travel, of all kinds) is SCREW BRONZE.

The title comes from the view that all Canadians would rather settle for bronze than try for Gold, or try hardest, and get silver. For me, I live life as full as humanly possible, so SCREW BRONZE!
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Doing stuff for the Postcard Project

Hey, I am working hard these days to keep the postcard project averaging 30 postcards a week. I will be updating a new post about last weeks postcards soon, to The PostCard Project website   I am running out of stickers though and I tend to use 3 to 4 stickers every postcard, so this is becoming a bit criticial for me.  I am using up the last of my stickers, which sucks and have nothing coming in but one sheet of W Juliet stickers.  These are a couple of the cards I sent out last week.  So I tend to buy a lot of anime cards too!  Okay, I will put on some back of the cards now so you can see what the unfinished product looks like! See, that's pretty cool and very much spreading universal message of the goodness of anime!  Here is another back! So, I have done somewhere between 450-525 postcards which is a LOT of stickers and a lot of postcards.  But as long as I have supplies I will keep going! I am looking to buy sticker and stationary sets so if you know of any, please let me know, the post I made was on GarageSaleJapan: Onward!
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Selloff of private out of print and new manga and anime

A Yaoi, Shojo, OOP manga and Anime sale. Due to illness, mpshiel is selling her personal manga and Anime. All are in AS NEW/NEW condition, some like Ghosttalkers and others are still in wraps, brand new. There are many rare oop sets, and out of print anime like the discountinued BECKS anime: yaoi, shojo and shonen. There is everything from Viz signature line, Netcomics, Drama Queen, DMP, Toykopop, Viz, Del Rey and more. Check them out, in the sale HERE (click on ‘here’)

ACT NOW - NEW and RARE - when gone they are gone.

All Manga in English, all Anime both sub and dubs.

Anime:  BECKS (Out of Print for a year, no longer in print  - get it while you can, With security sticker still on).
Big Windup - Watched once, like new, bargain price.

Yaoi: Treasure 1-2 (complete), Calling (Blu), Cool/Uncool, Alice 101 1-2 (complete), King of Debt, Weekend Lovers, Aegis (Net Comics, NEW, OOP, Complete), Lovely Sick 1-2 (complete, Drama Queen, NEW in wraps!), My Girlfriends' a Geek 1-3 (Love with a BL fangirl! complete)
and more!

Your Lover 1-3 (OOP, Complete, Netcomics)
Queen's Knight 1-12 (complete and VERY OOP)
Blood+ 1-5 and Blood+ adagio 1-2 (Complete Blood+ manga)
March Story 1-2 (Viz Signature Line, complete)
Pine Kiss 1-5 (Complete, OOP, Netcomics)
Butterfly Flowers 1-6 (NEW, Josei, HOT)
Full Moon Sagashite 1-6
Doubt 1-6 (OOP, Complete)
Arisa 1-2 (Complete, Brand New Title)
Secret Notes of Lady Konoko 1-2 (complete, NEW Title)
Gantz 1-9
I-Doll 1-2 (complete, OOP)
Welcome to the NHK 1-8 (Complete, in wraps!)
Kieli 1-2 (complete, OOP)
Neon Genesis Shinji Rising 1-4 (NEW)
Ghosttalker Daydream 1-3 (NEW in WRAPS)
Clover Omnibus
and more, act now and click HERE
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Manga Sale 80 lots: rare set, New sets, new yaoi, bulk lots

Due to being bedridden a prolonged time, my partner (mpshiel) is selling off the personal manga she collected in NEW/As New Condition in 80 lots. It is everything from out of print rare shojo sets, to lots of yaoi, and some bulk lots: yaoi, yuri, shojo and shonen. There is everything from Viz signature line, CMX, Netcomics, Drama Queen, DMP, Toykopop, Viz, Del Rey and more. Check them out, in the sale HERE (click on ‘here’)

In the 80 lots there is something for everyone, and combined shipping discounts plus postage at cost to all countries. I want these to go to good homes. (Due to illness, mpshiel/Beth’s partner will be answering any questions). Some of the titles include:

Cactus Secret 1-4 (complete)
Cherry Juice 1-4 (complete)
Pine Kiss 1-5 (complete)
Claymore 1-17 (complete)
Boy Princess 1-9 (yaoi, complete! Yum!)
Queen’s Knight 1-12 (a Cult Classic now out of Print, Complete)
Fate Stay Night 1-10 (complete to date)
Tears of the Lamb 1-7 (out of print, complete)
Demon Diary (Yaoi Out of Print! Complete and NEW)
Gundam Ecole du Ciel 1-8 (out of print, only vol 9 to complete)
Happiness Recommended (New Yaoi)
Crimson Snow (Yaoi, New)
B.O.D.Y. 1-8 (Hot title, NEW)
My Bad (Yaoi, Brand NEW!)
Rasetsu 1-8 (complete)
Redmoon 1-6 (complete, Out of Print, Rare, with game)
Story of Saiunkoku 1-2 (complete)

And so many more great titles, yaoi titles, check them out

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90 manga lot: rare titles, last of collection, NEW, complete, OOP, Yaoi

Rare and Out of Print (English) Manga set sale:  Great Xmas Presents. Snooze and Lose: Ends Sunday - this one chance for ultra-rare signed, brand new titles and rare cult out of print sets worth over $150, $200, $250 for $30, $40, $60.  This is the one chance to get these autographed items and Rare sealed: Yosen Yaoi Deck (all cards different yaoi), Only Ring Finger, Princess Princess & Party all signed.  Yaoi brand new titles plus sealed out of print and new by DramaQueen/Drama Queen, Blu, 801, June and sets from Broccoli, Viz Signiture, Vertical, One Comic, ADV, Yen Press. All HERE 
BEST BARGAINS:  Complete and OOP sets selling for $3, $2, and less a volume in NEW/Like NEW condition: Passion 1-4 complete NEW (13.99), Love Mode 1-11 Complete/OOP (RRP $190: now $32.95), Deathnote 1-8 (now 14.95/$1.85 a manga), Island 1-7 complete/oop: (now 18.95),Flower in a storm 1-2 Complete ($6.99), Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 1-12 (RRP $160, now $41), Forbidden Dance 1-4 ($12.99), Reboud 1-6 ($13.95), Ruff Love (NEW/OOP: $15.95), Remote 1-5 (now $11.95), Basara 1-18 (OOP/Retail $250: $49), Sensual Phrase 1-18 OOP Complete (RRP: $240, now $39), Honey and Clover 1-10 Complete NEW (now $37), Nana 1-11 NEW (now $32), Bride of Deimos 1-7 OOP/Complete NEW (RRP: $100+, now 24.95), Immortal Rain 1-8 OOP (now $24), Train + Train 1-6 (Now $17.50), Crown of Love 1-4 COMPLETE NEW (now $11.95), Gatcha Gatcha Next Gen 1-5 (now $9.95), Solanin (CULT) NEW (now 7.95), more...HERE

Basara 1-18 NEW condition, Sensual Phrase 1-18 NEW(complete), Bride of Deimos 1-7 Complete NEW/Like NEW, From Far Away 1-12 OOP very RARE, Immortal Rain 1-8 (complete), Battle Angel Atila: last Order 1-12 OOP/Like NEW, Kitchen Princess 1-10 NEW(complete), Honey and Clover 1-10 NEW(complete), Kamui 1-9 OOP, Empty Empire 1-7 (complete), Blood Alone 1-4 complete, Couple 1-3 (complete), Genshikin 1-9 (complete), ES 1-8 (complete) and more…HERE

Yaoi Rare: Love Mode 1-11 (complete, OOP), Junjo Romantica 1-5, Kosen OOP Rare Poker Deck SEALED, Ruff Love (OOP), Stray Cat (NEW), Tale of a White Night,  Weekend Lovers, Alley of First Love, Only the Ring Finger Knows (signed), Princess Princess (signed), Party (signed), White Guardian DramaQueen (SEALED OOP), Crimson Wind DQ (SEALED & OOP), Brother DramaQueen, Love Me Sinfully DQ (SEALED and OOP), Last Portrait DQ (OOP) A Bloody Kiss Tonight (NEW), When the Heavens Smile (NEW), Double Cast (NEW), Passion 1-4 (complete) Lover's Flat, and more..HERE

Brand NEW titles (all in NEW or Like NEW condition): Crown of love 1-4 (Complete), Flower in Storm 1-2 (complete), Biomega 1-4 (complete) Tegami Bachi Letter Bee 1-3 (complete), Black Butler 1-2, Time and Again 1-3, We were There 1-10, Kimi ni todoki 2-6 (NEW), Sasameke 1-3 (complete) and more..HERE
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Yaoi, Manga sale plus NEW Cool-B Lamento

Sale from 2009 - all items sold. - ENDED!

I am having a sale of about 200 manga all from my shelves, a pet free, smoke free environment. Besides complete sets (40 or so). I am selling over 45 complete sets (complete!), all in NEW/AS New condition on ebay (scroll down or go to the ebay link)

SHIPPING IS AT COST - Media Mail for the USA - get lots of sets, have a boxful! Livejournal special: All invoices over $100 are shipping free within USA. (like I said, 64 lots, 40+ bundles)

there are 30 or so BRAND NEW yaoi books, that I bought when I had money and now I need to save for a trip (plus others read once!). Yaoi are shrinkwrapped or however they came from the publisher. This includes Drama Queen/Doki Doki/Netcomic and other rare or out of print yaoi books. I have them on ebay
HERE, but the Yaoi are all ‘buy it now’ including Shipping Free for US, US and Canada (for most) and a few which include worldwide shipping. Due to buy it now, it is first come, first served, I am not a shop, just needing funds for a trip.

This includes (Remember shipping to US AND Canada is included - a few titles Canada excluded due to weight):

Ruff Love
Part Time Pets
Manzai (Boy love with a romeo and crossdressed juliet scene)
Black Winged Love (from Netcomic - just out) SOLD

Merry Family Plan
Future 1 & 2 (out of Print)
Kiss Blue
Mister Mistress 1
Naughty but Nice SOLD
Spicy But Sweet
Idol Pleasures - great for glasses fetish yaoi
Take me to Heaven (author of Pet on Duty)
Empty Heart(DramaQueen)
Little Cry Baby
Devil Inside - from Doki Doki and Brand New release!
La Satanica - June/DMP -just out! - SOLD
Love Training - FOR SALE
Hanky Panky - FOR SALE
Love Song for the Miserable - FOR SALE
Love Share FOR SALE
Kirapapa 1 FOR SALE

Kiss Blue v. 1 - FOR SALE
And 22-30 others

I also have three Cool-B, all Brand New (in Japanese) with posters in front and unopened DVD’s with them. They all have White Shadow/Blue Impact Paradise (by the artist of Angel’s Feather) and Lamento sections, two quite large.
They are Nov 2006 (Vol 10) – Yellow - also Laughter Land

Cool B January 2008 (white one) has Carnelian full page drawing

Cool B January 2007 (brown one) special on Lamento

Also a brand new Cool B Short Story Special with images at the front, in full color, Carnelian illustrations and Laughter land in it, the postcard from the front is missing.

I am also selling over 45 complete sets (complete!), all in NEW/AS New condition on ebay including

07 Ghost
Lunar Legend Tsukimime (1-6)
Sugar Princess 1-2
Tsubasa Those with wings 1-3
Bloody Kiss (1-2)
Future Diary (1-3)

Yurara 1-5 complete
Eternal Sabbath 1-8 (like Akira set modern day!)

Eureka 7 vol 1-6 complete

Platinum Garden 1-7
Blood+ Adagio 1-2

Queen’s Knight 1-12
Papillion 1-4
Element Line 1-4
Nightmares for Sale 1-2
Honey Mustard 1-4

Devil Within 1-2
Bogle 1-2
Three in Love 1-2
Otomen 1-4 Complete
Venus in Love 2-7 (Seven just released)

Burst Angel 1-3 complete (Yuri)

Girl who runs through time 1-2 complete (different story than the film)
Vampire Hunter D 1-2 Manga
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya 1-4
Good Luck 1-5 (can a girl with bad luck get romance?)
Hayate x/Cross Blade 1-4 (Yuri/Swordfighting girls)
Crown 1-2 Complete

Bound Beauty 1-3
The Third 1-2 Complete)
Backstage Prince 1-2 Complete
Akihabara @ Deep 1-4

Mixed Vegetables 1-3
Because I'm the Goddess 1-3 (complete/Yaoi/Yuri)

The sale started Friday and goes through all day Sunday Once these are gone, they are gone, lots of sets costing $120 down for 1/4 the price or less. These are all off of my private walls, more than a year of collecting, I am in a smoke free, pet free environment. Many are new and unread, or new and still in publishers wraps.
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Gaint Out of Print, Rare, Complete and cool Manga Sale

64 Manga lots left, finishes Sunday starting 6 pm PST= click HERE
A GIANT sale of Yaoi, Out of Print, Shoujo, Shonen sets, most complete or up to date. This is the last big sale I will have. Viz Signature Manga, Drama Queen, Blu, 801 Media, DMP, Netcomics, Del Rey, Tokyopop, Yen Press, ADV, Go!comi, Onecomic and more.

Let Dai 1-15 NEW OOP

In the Walnut 1-2 (New)
Love is Like a Hurricane 2-5 OOP

Kiss Your Hair NEW Duo Brand
Just Around the Corner NEW
Love Circumstances NEW
Electric Hands NEW
Love Knot BLU NEW

Madness 1-2 NEW COMPLETE
Love/Knot June NEW
Physical Attraction NEW
Reversible NEW

Shards of Affection Duo Brand NEW
Love Control NEW&SEALED
Scarlet NEW BLU

Future Lovers 1-2 NEW

Ruff Love NEW
Yakuza in Love 1-3 NEW COMPLETE SOLD
Awaken Forest
Our Kingdom 2-4
The Wanderer Full Moon 1-2 COMPLETE OOP

New Series:
Haru Hana complete collection SOLD

Deadman Wonderland 1-3 NEW COMPLETE
Flower in a Storm 1-2 NEW COMPLETE

13th Boy 1-5 NEW COMPLETE

Hellsing 1-9
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World 1-3 NEW COMPLETE SOLD 

Raiders 1-3 NEW COMPLETE
DRAGON GIRL Collection 1-3
Alice in the Country of Hearts 1-3 NEW
Tsubasa Those With Wings 1-3 NEW COMPLETE SOLD
Takeru Opera Susanah Sword of the Devil 1-4 NEW COMPLETE
Bokurano Ours 1-2 NEW COMPLETE Viz Signature

Can’t Lose You 1-6 New complete (oop, selling $200)

0/6 Zero/Six 1-2 NEW
In the Starlight 1-2 NEW OOP
June 1-2 complete 
Narration of Love at 17 1-4 OOP NEW COMPLETE SOLD
Pine Kiss 1-2 NEW
Dokebi Bride 1-4 NEW SOLD

Yen Press:


Welcome to Wakaba-soh 1-2 NEW COMPLETE
Sunshine Sketch 1-4 New Complete SOLD 
Black God 1-3 new

OOP and Complete:
Oyayubihime Infinity 1-6 NEW
Yggdrasil 1-2 complete NEW
Full Metal Panic 1-9
Juvenile Orion 1-5 NEW COMPLETE OOP SOLD
Forbidden Dance 1-4 NEW COMPLETE OOP

Wolf’s Rain 1-2 NEW COMPLETE OOP 

 Scrapped Princess 1-3 Complete and OOP sOLD 
Junk Force 1-3 NEW OOP Complete SOLD

Welcome to the NHK 1-8 NEW COMPLETE SOLD
Doors of Chaos 1-2 NEW COMPLETE
Basara 1-9 NEW CULT SOLD
Harlem Beat 1-9 VG SOLD

Rebound 1-6 NEW OOP

Black Jack 1-2 NEW

Ode to Kirihito
Jyu-Oh-Sei! 1-3 NEW COMPLETE

Initial D 1-14 VG OOP

Wild Adapter 1-2 NEW
Seduction More Beautiful Than Love
Mouryou Kiden 1-2 NEW
Gimmick! 1-2 NEW
Million Tears 1-2 NEW

In the Starlight 1-2 NEW

The World Exists for Me 1-2 NEW COMPLETE
Flock of Angels 1-3 NEW SOLd

Three in Love 1-2 NEW COMPLETE OOP
Haru Hana the Complete Collection NEW COMPLETE
Monochrome Factor 1-2 NEW
B.B. Explosion 1-4 NEW OOP SOLD
Tenshi Ja Nai! 1-4,6 NEW COMPLETE OOP
Cy-Believers 1-4 NEW COMPLETE SOLD
Nosatsu Junkie 1-6 NEW COMPLETE SOLD
Sarai 1-6 NEW SOLD

Vision of the Other Side 1-2 NEW

Color (Japanese language) NEW
Shinobi Life 1-2 NEW OOP
Sengoku Nights 1-2 NEW COMPLETE OOP
Our Kingdom 2-4 NEW
Deathnote 1-8 NEW

AND MORE......HERE, get them before they disappear!