Elizabeth (mpshiel) wrote,

Doing stuff for the Postcard Project

Hey, I am working hard these days to keep the postcard project averaging 30 postcards a week. I will be updating a new post about last weeks postcards soon, to The PostCard Project website efmpostcardproject.blogspot.com/.   I am running out of stickers though and I tend to use 3 to 4 stickers every postcard, so this is becoming a bit criticial for me.  I am using up the last of my stickers, which sucks and have nothing coming in but one sheet of W Juliet stickers.  These are a couple of the cards I sent out last week.  So I tend to buy a lot of anime cards too!  Okay, I will put on some back of the cards now so you can see what the unfinished product looks like! See, that's pretty cool and very much spreading universal message of the goodness of anime!  Here is another back! So, I have done somewhere between 450-525 postcards which is a LOT of stickers and a lot of postcards.  But as long as I have supplies I will keep going! I am looking to buy sticker and stationary sets so if you know of any, please let me know, the post I made was on GarageSaleJapan: community.livejournal.com/garagesalejapan/9484335.html Onward!
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