Elizabeth (mpshiel) wrote,

Seling my manga on ebay, 60 lots, first time selling!

Hi, I am selling off mostly all of my manga collection, which is about 60 lots (2 sold already, another 7 to come on tonight). All manga is in English, all in New or As NEW condition. I want to go to Sakura-con and want money to repair the van of the person taking me and money for new manga for me. So some of this manga is just out a few days, some are sets that are out of print. There are many Yaoi lots, some books still sealed, 801 Media, DMP and Duex, Broccoli and other publishers. Also some out of print Yaoi including ‘After I win’ (selling for over $100? It IS good, but that good?) and Paranoid Next Door Neighbor (new in wraps) I also am selling complete sets of series, as well as overlooked shojo and other manga from Yan Press, Go!Comi and other presses people pass by but are very good. I have enjoyed having these manga and will likely buy some of them again when I have more money, but it is a good way to pick up some small lots for $5-$10 and try some new manga. I will try after Sakura-con to do a Japan merchandise and doujinshi sale as well, depending on how bad I get into debt at Sakura-con (haha). I hope you will take a look, at the lots, as I am not a dealer or anything and this is my first sale in a year, so I am hoping for the best. Ebay Link or if that doesn’t work try this one as it goes to my complete minty new gunslinger girl set and you can hit ‘View Sellers other items’ from there: gunslinger girl
Tags: manga, sale, shojo, yaoi
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