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Yaoi, Manga sale plus NEW Cool-B Lamento

Sale from 2009 - all items sold. - ENDED!

I am having a sale of about 200 manga all from my shelves, a pet free, smoke free environment. Besides complete sets (40 or so). I am selling over 45 complete sets (complete!), all in NEW/AS New condition on ebay (scroll down or go to the ebay link)

SHIPPING IS AT COST - Media Mail for the USA - get lots of sets, have a boxful! Livejournal special: All invoices over $100 are shipping free within USA. (like I said, 64 lots, 40+ bundles)

there are 30 or so BRAND NEW yaoi books, that I bought when I had money and now I need to save for a trip (plus others read once!). Yaoi are shrinkwrapped or however they came from the publisher. This includes Drama Queen/Doki Doki/Netcomic and other rare or out of print yaoi books. I have them on ebay
HERE, but the Yaoi are all ‘buy it now’ including Shipping Free for US, US and Canada (for most) and a few which include worldwide shipping. Due to buy it now, it is first come, first served, I am not a shop, just needing funds for a trip.

This includes (Remember shipping to US AND Canada is included - a few titles Canada excluded due to weight):

Ruff Love
Part Time Pets
Manzai (Boy love with a romeo and crossdressed juliet scene)
Black Winged Love (from Netcomic - just out) SOLD

Merry Family Plan
Future 1 & 2 (out of Print)
Kiss Blue
Mister Mistress 1
Naughty but Nice SOLD
Spicy But Sweet
Idol Pleasures - great for glasses fetish yaoi
Take me to Heaven (author of Pet on Duty)
Empty Heart(DramaQueen)
Little Cry Baby
Devil Inside - from Doki Doki and Brand New release!
La Satanica - June/DMP -just out! - SOLD
Love Training - FOR SALE
Hanky Panky - FOR SALE
Love Song for the Miserable - FOR SALE
Love Share FOR SALE
Kirapapa 1 FOR SALE

Kiss Blue v. 1 - FOR SALE
And 22-30 others

I also have three Cool-B, all Brand New (in Japanese) with posters in front and unopened DVD’s with them. They all have White Shadow/Blue Impact Paradise (by the artist of Angel’s Feather) and Lamento sections, two quite large.
They are Nov 2006 (Vol 10) – Yellow - also Laughter Land

Cool B January 2008 (white one) has Carnelian full page drawing

Cool B January 2007 (brown one) special on Lamento

Also a brand new Cool B Short Story Special with images at the front, in full color, Carnelian illustrations and Laughter land in it, the postcard from the front is missing.

I am also selling over 45 complete sets (complete!), all in NEW/AS New condition on ebay including

07 Ghost
Lunar Legend Tsukimime (1-6)
Sugar Princess 1-2
Tsubasa Those with wings 1-3
Bloody Kiss (1-2)
Future Diary (1-3)

Yurara 1-5 complete
Eternal Sabbath 1-8 (like Akira set modern day!)

Eureka 7 vol 1-6 complete

Platinum Garden 1-7
Blood+ Adagio 1-2

Queen’s Knight 1-12
Papillion 1-4
Element Line 1-4
Nightmares for Sale 1-2
Honey Mustard 1-4

Devil Within 1-2
Bogle 1-2
Three in Love 1-2
Otomen 1-4 Complete
Venus in Love 2-7 (Seven just released)

Burst Angel 1-3 complete (Yuri)

Girl who runs through time 1-2 complete (different story than the film)
Vampire Hunter D 1-2 Manga
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya 1-4
Good Luck 1-5 (can a girl with bad luck get romance?)
Hayate x/Cross Blade 1-4 (Yuri/Swordfighting girls)
Crown 1-2 Complete

Bound Beauty 1-3
The Third 1-2 Complete)
Backstage Prince 1-2 Complete
Akihabara @ Deep 1-4

Mixed Vegetables 1-3
Because I'm the Goddess 1-3 (complete/Yaoi/Yuri)

The sale started Friday and goes through all day Sunday Once these are gone, they are gone, lots of sets costing $120 down for 1/4 the price or less. These are all off of my private walls, more than a year of collecting, I am in a smoke free, pet free environment. Many are new and unread, or new and still in publishers wraps.
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