Elizabeth (mpshiel) wrote,

90 manga lot: rare titles, last of collection, NEW, complete, OOP, Yaoi

Rare and Out of Print (English) Manga set sale:  Great Xmas Presents. Snooze and Lose: Ends Sunday - this one chance for ultra-rare signed, brand new titles and rare cult out of print sets worth over $150, $200, $250 for $30, $40, $60.  This is the one chance to get these autographed items and Rare sealed: Yosen Yaoi Deck (all cards different yaoi), Only Ring Finger, Princess Princess & Party all signed.  Yaoi brand new titles plus sealed out of print and new by DramaQueen/Drama Queen, Blu, 801, June and sets from Broccoli, Viz Signiture, Vertical, One Comic, ADV, Yen Press. All HERE 
BEST BARGAINS:  Complete and OOP sets selling for $3, $2, and less a volume in NEW/Like NEW condition: Passion 1-4 complete NEW (13.99), Love Mode 1-11 Complete/OOP (RRP $190: now $32.95), Deathnote 1-8 (now 14.95/$1.85 a manga), Island 1-7 complete/oop: (now 18.95),Flower in a storm 1-2 Complete ($6.99), Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 1-12 (RRP $160, now $41), Forbidden Dance 1-4 ($12.99), Reboud 1-6 ($13.95), Ruff Love (NEW/OOP: $15.95), Remote 1-5 (now $11.95), Basara 1-18 (OOP/Retail $250: $49), Sensual Phrase 1-18 OOP Complete (RRP: $240, now $39), Honey and Clover 1-10 Complete NEW (now $37), Nana 1-11 NEW (now $32), Bride of Deimos 1-7 OOP/Complete NEW (RRP: $100+, now 24.95), Immortal Rain 1-8 OOP (now $24), Train + Train 1-6 (Now $17.50), Crown of Love 1-4 COMPLETE NEW (now $11.95), Gatcha Gatcha Next Gen 1-5 (now $9.95), Solanin (CULT) NEW (now 7.95), more...HERE

Basara 1-18 NEW condition, Sensual Phrase 1-18 NEW(complete), Bride of Deimos 1-7 Complete NEW/Like NEW, From Far Away 1-12 OOP very RARE, Immortal Rain 1-8 (complete), Battle Angel Atila: last Order 1-12 OOP/Like NEW, Kitchen Princess 1-10 NEW(complete), Honey and Clover 1-10 NEW(complete), Kamui 1-9 OOP, Empty Empire 1-7 (complete), Blood Alone 1-4 complete, Couple 1-3 (complete), Genshikin 1-9 (complete), ES 1-8 (complete) and more…HERE

Yaoi Rare: Love Mode 1-11 (complete, OOP), Junjo Romantica 1-5, Kosen OOP Rare Poker Deck SEALED, Ruff Love (OOP), Stray Cat (NEW), Tale of a White Night,  Weekend Lovers, Alley of First Love, Only the Ring Finger Knows (signed), Princess Princess (signed), Party (signed), White Guardian DramaQueen (SEALED OOP), Crimson Wind DQ (SEALED & OOP), Brother DramaQueen, Love Me Sinfully DQ (SEALED and OOP), Last Portrait DQ (OOP) A Bloody Kiss Tonight (NEW), When the Heavens Smile (NEW), Double Cast (NEW), Passion 1-4 (complete) Lover's Flat, and more..HERE

Brand NEW titles (all in NEW or Like NEW condition): Crown of love 1-4 (Complete), Flower in Storm 1-2 (complete), Biomega 1-4 (complete) Tegami Bachi Letter Bee 1-3 (complete), Black Butler 1-2, Time and Again 1-3, We were There 1-10, Kimi ni todoki 2-6 (NEW), Sasameke 1-3 (complete) and more..HERE
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