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Seling my manga on ebay, 60 lots, first time selling!

Hi, I am selling off mostly all of my manga collection, which is about 60 lots (2 sold already, another 7 to come on tonight). All manga is in English, all in New or As NEW condition. I want to go to Sakura-con and want money to repair the van of the person taking me and money for new manga for me. So some of this manga is just out a few days, some are sets that are out of print. There are many Yaoi lots, some books still sealed, 801 Media, DMP and Duex, Broccoli and other publishers. Also some out of print Yaoi including ‘After I win’ (selling for over $100? It IS good, but that good?) and Paranoid Next Door Neighbor (new in wraps) I also am selling complete sets of series, as well as overlooked shojo and other manga from Yan Press, Go!Comi and other presses people pass by but are very good. I have enjoyed having these manga and will likely buy some of them again when I have more money, but it is a good way to pick up some small lots for $5-$10 and try some new manga. I will try after Sakura-con to do a Japan merchandise and doujinshi sale as well, depending on how bad I get into debt at Sakura-con (haha). I hope you will take a look, at the lots, as I am not a dealer or anything and this is my first sale in a year, so I am hoping for the best. Ebay Link or if that doesn’t work try this one as it goes to my complete minty new gunslinger girl set and you can hit ‘View Sellers other items’ from there: gunslinger girl
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If you are visiting, just wanted to let you know:

I am having a sale of about 200 manga (yaoi and complete new sets from Lunar Legend to Papillion) all from my shelves, a pet free, smoke free environment.

Check out the pictures and links plus Cool-B Lamento and Carnelian Brand new with DVD and posters for sale at the

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Big sale of Manga set: Yaoi, OOP Sets, Eisner award, Shojo and CULT manga sets plus more!

Due to medical costs I am selling off almost all my manga HERE. This includes sets I bought for reading at a later time. These are just sets I bought, I am not a dealer, I don’t have doubles. Once these are gone, they are gone. From Viz Signature Line, This Year’s Eisner Awards manga to yaoi from 801, BLU, DMP and Doki Doki plus OOP NEW sets like Love Pistols 1-5,
Voice or Noise 1-3,
Click 1-8,
and more. There are 70+ book lots over 3 days, some buy it now. A more complete list is at my livejournal account HERE.

Complete sets: almost everything is a complete set, including Angel Diary, Zig Zag, Takumi-kun (Blu), Click, Welcome to the NHK as I don’t start reading until the set is complete.

Rare Titles: selling titles not sold often if at all like Jormungand NEW, Dojin Work New, Scrapped Princess, Yakuza in Love, Pluto, Distant Neighborhood,
Quest for the Missing Girl, Ruff Love NEW (OOP at $200)

Condition: New and Like New, you can see in the pictures or look at my feedback. I have only had two other auctions of my manga in three years. Bummer for me but good for you.

OOP: because I wait until it is complete, a lot of the sets are OOP due to popularity, great reads from Yaoi, BL, Gender Bender, Shojo, Humor, and supernatural.

SHIPPING IS AT COST - Media Mail for the USA - get lots of sets, have a boxful. Boxes for Overseas as well, please inquire, shipping to all countries at cost!

Eisner 2010 Award:
Pluto 1-2 NEW

Distant Neighborhood 1-2 complete ($50 RRP)

Ruff Love NEW OOP
Welcome to the NHK 1-8 NEW complete

Maid Sama 1-5 Complete

Kimi-Kiss 1-5 Complete NEW
Angel Diary 1-11 Complete
Vampire Game 1-15 complete
Twilight playing cards (limited promo – NEW)

Juvenile Orion 1-5 Complete

Unbalance Unbalance 1-2 Complete NEW
Scrapped Princess 1-3 Complete

Viz Signature Line:
Ikigami: The ultimate limit (the deliverer of the notice you have 24 hours to live)
Jormungand 1-4 NEW complete (CULT! Girls with guns!)
Yen Press:
Sugarholic 1-5 Complete
Very Very Sweet 1-7 Complete

Loan 1-2 complete
Sunshine Sketch 1-4 complete

Narration of Love at 17 (complete, OOP) – shojo romance
Adventures of Det (complete) – romance adventure
Click 1-8 Complete

Ruff Love (OOP and NEW)
President’s Time (buy it now) 801
Yokai’s Hunger
Yakuza in Love 1-3 BRAND NEW

Sensitive Pornograph (often OOP)
Voice or Noise 1-3 Complete (vol 3 came out this week!)

Takumi-Kun 1-3 complete

Click 1-8
President's Time (buy it now)

Love Pistols 1-5 complete (OOP) RARE
Future Lovers 1-2 Complete NEW
Doujin/Dojin work 1-4 NEW complete OOP
Hotel Africa 1-2 complete
Black Sun Silver Moon 1-7 Complete NEW
Les Bijoux 1-5 Complete NEW (OOP)

Zig Zag 1-3 Complete
AI Revolution 1-5 complete
Cool B January 2008 (white one) has Carnelian full page drawing, Magica Mystica and lots of Yaoi pics

Sunshine Sketch 1-4 complete NEW

Click 1-8 complete
Junk Force 1-3 complete (girls with guns! And Mecha!)

Gender Bender Shojo Romance:
Click 1-8
Tenshi Ja Nai! 1-8 complete NEW
Here is Greenwood 1-3 (FUN!)
Vampire Game 1-15 complete
Les Bijoux 1-5 Complete NEW (OOP)
NG life 5
Otomen 5-6

Shojo romance:
Tale of an Unknown Country 1-2 OOP Complete NEW

Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-5 Complete
Suppli 1-5 Complete
Vampire Game 1-15 complete
Maid Sama 1-5 Complete
Kimi-Kiss 1-5 Complete NEW

Bring it on (oversize) 1-5 complete NEW
Kare First Love 1-6
Pink Pearl 1-4 Complete
Vision of the Other side 1-2 complete
Love as a Foreign Language 1-2 Complete
AI Revolution 1-5 complete

Flock of Angels 1-3 complete

Supernatural Shojo:
Bound Beauty 1-3 complete

Miracle Girls 1-6 Complete
Kaze no Hana 1-3 complete NEW

Loan 1-2 complete
Black Sun Silver Moon 1-7 Complete NEW
Juvenile Orion 1-5 Complete
Black Bird 1-4
Empty Empire 1-2
Cross 1-5 Complete

Plus lots of sets more! See the rest here and pick up some deals or a rare book or series, because it took me years to collect them but they will be gone soon. Click HERE to go to the sale.

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Giant Annual English Manga Sale/Shojo and Yaoi mostly

SALE ENDED!!!!! I am having a Huge Manga sale, mostly Yaoi and Shojo - Many Out of Print series like Il Gatto Sul (book 1 completely out of print) and brand new complete series.  This also includes a limited edition and out of print Yaoi playing card deck (sealed) and a complete set of New and Limited and out of print Yaoi Postcards: All Here

60 lots of manga/yaoi by Tuesday posted for sale (sorry I am slow, long in prep but slow in hands and need help moving items).

Suzuka Complete set of oversized Manga 12 volumes

*Bride of the Water God 1-5 Complete: Hit series.

Totally Captivated: This Out of Print complete New and unread set (book 4 alone is worth $95 currently) starting at $24.95.

Tea for Two 1-4 the complete New series by Blu Publishing

*You will Drown in love 1-2
Complete - the classic yaoi just new from writer of Little Butterfly for Blu
*Immortal Rain 1-8
*Brilliant Blue 1-2 Yaoi

*Nodame Cantabile 1-16
complete $180+ value)
*NG Life 1-4 Complete: by the writer of Mugan Spiral with BL and kissing.
*Loveless 1-8 Complete – yaoi hit series.
*Dazzle 1-10 Complete Series
*Unbalance Unbalance 1-2 OOP
*Read or Dream 1-4 complete/yuri
*Mikansei No. 1 vol 1-2 complete Series
*Complete Zig Zag 1-3
*Complete Psychic Academy 1-11 
*Wild Ones1-10 complete series
*Canon 1-4 Complete
*Variante 1-4 Complete, out of print and RARE – like Elfen Lied, girl with powers, secret government labs, and secrets beyond that. Powerful reading.
*L’Chevalier D’Eon 1-7 Complete
*Ikigami 1-3,5 up to date: for the ‘good of all’, those 15-24, 1 in 1000 will die, and be told 1 day in advance – each book tells how 2-4 people deal with it.
*Dazzle 1-10 Complete

*Animal Academy 1-4 complete
*Phantom Dream (of Fruits Basket Author) 3-5 (the finish of the series). *Tea for Two 1-4 complete Yaoi series.
*Faeries’ Landing 1-10
*High School Debut 1-13 Complete Series
*Hissing 1-4
*Venus Versus Virus OOP and RARE, some volumes $50 each, yuri
*We Were There vol 1-10 Award winning shojo
*Me and My Brothers 1-11
complete (a shojo romance with gender bending and boy love all over)

See the Rest so
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I buy a crapload of stuff's therapy?

Not quite sure how that worked but I now seem decidedly in the "crip" camp, and am going to pick up a rigid wheelchair tomorrow to replace "tank-lite" which I have been struggling around with.   I am still posting regularly at and working on my new book, which I hope to do a chapter tomorrow if I can actually WAKE UP.  This is a side effect of the heart/low oxygen thing I think, as I got up today at 2pm, so Saturday is a short day. 

Anyway, after the "test run" on the road to being the kinkist lesbian goth wheelchair babe, decided to go a bit MORE radical as what I had people thought was "nice" as opposed to scary/sexy (make the men/lesbians lust after me and the rest fear me) so I bought about $200 of stuff today and probably another $200 tomorrow after we did our test run in the Darque mermaid skirt and a tulle Bustier.  Today got some long PVC skirts, some kick ass UK boots that go knee high with steel toes - These are the "low" version, I am still getting my kink 5 inch platform knee high boots - my physio therapist is having mild heart attacks when I tell here as she has no idea how these are going to work with the wheelchair footplate - but then, she says I make her laugh because my solutions to problems are...unusual (like going out for wheelchair basketball with an oxygen mask giving me a constant feed - which I found when wheeling to the library tends to put people off - like they cross the road when then see me wheeling toward them off).   Wimps!  

Let's see, more long fingerless gloves with spiders on them for wheeling of course, some corset Linda talked me into getting, and this velvet and black lace extra long corset.  Tomorrow I am thinking of getting a extra long PVC skirt with buckled cincher from Lip Service - except that it leaves little room for a top - I guess I could just use one of my Victoria Secret's and "Go for it"?  Yeah, till Linda caught me.  Will think that one over. Also got this "wet look" skirt because.....I don't know, why do I do what I do? Try to imagine her more chair bound.  

I just can't believe a sort of lazy femme is now getting excited buying skirts, kinky tights and high heel boots?  Of course, knowing I never have to actually WALK in the stuff is probably a big aspect of it.  Someone yesterday called me a "lipstick lesbian" - I am wondering if I should be insulted or go "the plan is working!"

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Okay, that was intense! One more time!

I've foud that if you read enough victorian fiction or watch enough anime you BECOME a character from them.  So, the fact that now I am the "poor woman with the mysterious heart aliment who is rarely seen in the twitches of the curtains in the high tower" is kinda odd.  That would be the Victorian version, I suppose in the anime version, I am the beloved character who everyone falls in love with/has to protect because I am just so darn lovable except that I have no clue I am going to die.   Hmmmm, that really doesn't sound like me - how about the person so isolated they are pushed through town in a wicker wheelchair in the dead of night?

Anyway, my blog over at blogger has changed tone slightly to reflect this new me, and while I still do lesbian and gay and femininst stuff, there is a lot more stuff about wheelchairs and goths and my aim to be THE new goth image for wheelchair bound lesbian hotties (like there is a lot of competition for that?)
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Epee and stuff

I am currently trying to create global domination through the pure exultation of epee - it goes rather slowly - particularly as I need to take over the internet first. All my struggles and erotic interplays around epee and fencing are here:

This is my journal to take over the world and through sensationalist victorian fiction (of which I am not reading anywhere near enough - I keep buying it, every day, I just never read it!).
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I am currently reading Wilkie Collins "Little Novels" - a work published only once which is a collection of sensationalist fiction: devil worshiping, ghost stories, detective fiction. I am reading the Ghost Story of Mrs. Zhan - which involves an poor innocent woman and her brother-in-law who wants to drug her into becoming his wife (as one does).! I just regret that I have never in conversation been able to use the word "Cad" - I have used "Scoundrel" however. Very satisfying.